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“PRESSING ON!” Sept-Dec 2016 Issue

In this issue:

  • Christmas and The Christ

  • God Needs Men and Women Who Stand Up!

  • Get Going!

  • Today

  • The ThreeLet Us’-es of Hebrews 10

  • Catching the Missionary Spirit

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“PRESSING ON!” May-Aug 2016 Issue

In This Issue

  • This Genocidal Eschatology
  • Key Differences between Bible & Qur’an.
  • The BRIDE and Her Friends.
  • Amazing Evangelicals! Amazing Discovery!

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“PRESSING ON!” Jan-Apr 2016 Issue

In this Issue

  1. Same Frame – Mighty Contrast! Where are you?

  2. Pentecost

  3. The real prisoners

  4. He promised paradise

  5. Well done. Lessons from 1 Thessalonians

  6. Miracle from the Homosassa

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“PRESSING ON!” Sep-Dec 2015 Issue

In this Issue

  • Vast oil crisis just ahead
  • Shock and awe

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“PRESSING ON!” May-August 2015 Issue

In this Issue

  • To burn or to bury
  • The door was shut
  • Do this for me
  • Radical transformation
  • Paganism beaten

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