Amazing Testimonies!


The Miller and the Knapsack Man

This story, a thrilling Gospel story with lots of good old hymns, reminds us of rural life in N.E. England a century ago. You won’t be able to put it down until you finish.

One Century On

Voices from the Welsh Revival remind us of what GOD can do.

When God Turns the Down into an UP!

An incredible, Chinese micro story is followed by an “impossible” macro story – compare them and you’ll be greatly amazed at God’s great grace!

 The Story of a New Testament

One Jew’s search for riches changed dramatically. Never could he have imagined the greater riches he found!

 Escaped from the Sword

The incredible story of Rose Warmer of Hungary who, once she’d found her Messiah, voluntarily joined her Jewish brethern on transport to the Auschwitz death camp. These must still have a chance of hearing of Messiah’s coming, of his death and of his redemption.
How a Jew Found his Messiah
Moshe’s family escaped the Nazi clutches in Austria, fleeing to Australia, but Moshe needed to escape from other clutches. At long last, he found his own Jewish Messiah – the Savior from worse clutches than the Nazi’s.

Why I Rejected Theistic Evolution

Scientist Dr. DeWitt embraced evolutionism. So what got into him to reject it? Find out.

Agapito Lost it in Australia, but GOD..!

Spaniards are notoriously slow in embracing the Gospel. All the more marvelous then when one receives it whole-heartedly. Jesús González is one of the few.

From Monastery to Christ

For God anything is possible, even the raising of a monk to new LIFE from an ecclesiastical “cemetery” in Bolivia.

Heriberto – Born Anew!

The group of men in the Paraguayan camp listened transfixed to what they heard in the Guaraní language – all about a life being born anew… Now it is your turn to be gripped as you read this wonderful story in English with relevant photographs provided.


When a Country Girl Gets to Serving the King of Kings

Rashid Pinched a Gospel

Growing up as a Muslim in a Muslim country doesn’t make it easy to know anything about the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet God does have his ways of getting through to the hungry… One way is emigration. Millions of Muslims in the West are exposed to the Gospel, as they would not be in their own countries. Rashid’s fascinating story is only one of many thousands.

“They Held their Lives Cheap”

“And They did not Shrink even from Death”

Abigail and the Pickpockets

She was really no match for hardened criminals, but wasn’t she serving a mighty God? HE had his eye on Abigail right there in Buffalo. An incredible story shows you how truly faithful He is!

The Clutches of Sin

Or the Clasp of the Savior

My Parents’ Heritage

Can poverty be a blessing?

Altar Boy Becomes Saint

One Boy’s Drama in Argentina

The Bullet

God’s Eye is on the sparrow, it is also on Lorival!

That Was Ten Years Ago

The iron grip of alcohol is merciless… – until another hand, full of mercy and power, sets the alcoholic free.

“And Such Were Some of You”

Can a Homosexual Change? Richard’s Story Is One of Thousands.