The Berean Call

Nonplussed by all kinds of trends and traditions among Christians?

At times impressed when the claim of: This is it!, seems to be so clearly backed up by the Bible?

Already burned your fingers and now feel betrayed by what seemed to be truly Biblical teaching?

Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon of “The Berean Call” have already helped many by exposing error and showing the way back to the simple and powerful truths of the Gospel. They will undoubtedly be a blessing to you.

Grace Fellowship International

Got your doubts about the “psycho” thing: psycho-analysis, psycho-therapy etc.? The psycho people will get you as far as MAN can get you, and that is not very far… GOD’s spiritual “therapy” never lets anyone down. He still transforms lives. GFI will be a blessing to you.

Israel’s History in a Nutshell

At a time when many, also in the media, have taken it upon themselves to rewrite history, it is important for Christians to be well-informed about Israel’s recent history, i.e. since the days of the Balfour Declaration – especially when Israel and Jerusalem are constantly in the headlines. Make sure you know what really happened.

As to Israel’s future… – interested? The guaranteed outcome of all that’s unfolding before our eyes is described in detail in the Book of Israel’s God: the Bible. Isaiah’s book of prophecy is excellent for starters… Don’t miss it!

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Ministries International

If you have ever been challenged about a “Creation week of six literal days”, about a “young earth”, about a “global flood” in the time of Noah, or about “micro-evolution”, that never did, and never will, become “macro-evolution”, then these are the websites you will want to get into. They are entirely the work of well-qualified Christian scientists.