Answers for your Fellowship


1906 – The River and the Meeting

It’s not the Place, it’s not the Race, it’s only GOD’S GRACE.”

The Birds of The Air

Flying lessons for the redeemed.

Home Churching or HIM Churching?

You might have to choose …

Your House Church – Weathering the Storm?

Not likely if you forgot the “digging” part!

Pancho and Poncho Fell Out …

Now what?

When a “New Cart” Hits the Road to Nowhere…

David’s ‘can-do’ attitude brought death. But then he remembered the Old Book…

Lost Irretrievably

Being wonderfully saved doesn’t mean you can’t lose things, and lose them forever – time, opportunities, blessings, even your crown. What about ‘ministry’? Can that be retrieved after a backslider is restored to fellowship?

In Those Early Days

What the poor “primitives” missed out on..! Denominations, sanctuaries, study Bibles, clergy… – things deemed indispensable in today’s Christianity. Not so in the first century – the work of God thrived on the grace of God. None of the modern contrivances were needed.

Good Old Ignatius..!

We revisit a spiritual giant of the 2nd century (Saint Ignatius to our RC friends). If his seven epistles caused ripples in his own time, they later grew into a spiritual “tsunami”.., and centuries of devastation!

The Glory and… the Gloom

Refresh your knowledge of the dramatic days of Anabaptist history in Europe. Check out what happened in Holland, discover why their closing days are so spectacularly different from their beginnings.

So Who’s Getting Cozy with Rome?

Following the “Trend Setters” may be Popular, Following the Risen Savior is Wiser!

“Thou Art Peter…”

“His Holiness”? Or “just-a-follower-being-prepared-for-usefulness”?

The Rock, the Ekklesia and the Gates of Hades

You knew about the Rock, you’re aware of the Ekklesia, but what about the Gates of Hades…? Find out – see how you are directly involved!

The Psychologizing of the Church

Is “Psycho-wisdom” taking over in your church? There is a way back to the simplicity that is in Christ.

Baby Dedication?

God gave you a precious baby… Now you want to thank him, you want to celebrate, you want the right start for your child. Above all, you want to please HIM and do his will.
That’s where the catch is - what if that specific thing you’re looking for isn’t there - in his eternal Word? But read on, God wants to bless you and your baby in the midst of your fellowship!