Pressing Issues

Spotlight on Sisters

Don’t try to get into a house if you haven’t got the right keys – your faulty keys won’t work! We’re talking about the ‘house’ of Christian-women-in-spiritual-ministry. This short article, in seven concise points, discovers the two master-keys and then opens up the whole subject. Much of conventional thinking on the subject is shown to be faulty and without a scriptural basis. This has often led to great hindrance in the Master’s building. As always, it is a question of “letting go” and “letting God”. Conventional thinking, if not truly springing from God’s Word must be ‘let go’ – such is the message of the Cross. After that, ‘let God’ – the message of the Resurrection! Incidentally, this includes the first person in history, commissioned to go and tell forth the news that HE is risen!

The Lord’s Day

One of the Messianic psalms, Psalm 118:22-24, prophesies concerning Messiah’s death and resurrection! In these verses, God declares the Day of Resurrection to be the “Day Made by Him”, in other words a “New Creation”. That Day was destined to be the “Day of days” – forever -, the source of, and motive for, great joy and gladness.
When Messiah died, the “Last Adam” died. When Messiah rose victoriously, the “Second Man” was born (see Paul’s references to this in 1st Corinthians 15). While the Roman world would continue to worship the ‘sun’ on the first day of the week, calling it “SUNday”, for the Redeemed, it would be the “Lord’s Day” from now on. Don’t miss the telling diagram of “All Time” right at the end.

Apostasy –

Christians Fallen Away? Or… Christians Taken Away?

In many Bible versions, 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 has the word “apostasy”. The verse is a marvelous verse, yet most readers never catch on. What really is the apostle writing about? “Apostasy” (a Greek word) means “falling away from the faith”, right? But what if that particular meaning of “falling away” is an ‘acquired meaning’, and not really what Paul was wanting to express?
Let the Lord open your eyes to the real meaning, to the original one! It will be a major boost for your insight in Bible prophecy!

Dear Pastor…

What was the secret of all those churches in New Testament times? In worship they were in touch with Heaven; in love sacrificial; in outreach dynamic; yet they had neither ‘pastors’, nor pulpits! How come?


– A Heathen Concept?

Even though the word ‘trinity’ does not occur in the Bible, the concept certainly does, right from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. Every Christian should be perfectly clear as to what the Bible really teaches on this very important subject. We offer you a simple overview, not too short and not too long, written so it can be understood by any reader!

THOU, THEE, THY – The Language of the Holy Spirit?

What every faithful “KJV-er” should keep in mind about his beloved KJV!

Vast Oil Crisis Just Ahead!

What ten girls should have done and didn’t.

The New Life

What to do with a baby that remains a baby – year after year? Reginald Wallis, in his classic seven chapters (at last downloadable), shows how to go on from a normal new birth to a normal new life! When it comes to your triple enemy, “flesh, world and devil”, Reginald leads you to discover how victory in Christ can be your living experience. To further appropriate this precious material, you will find a brief Study Guide after every chapter, plus an appendix at the end with a definition of all the key terms used.

The Vine and The Branches

What struggles and frustrations in sincere Christians! And what peace and joy when finally the relationship of vine-and-branches is grasped!

But How..?

What to do when you’re well and truly stuck in your Christian life? In other words, how to pass from Romans 7 to Romans 8?

The Exchanged Life


What Is Your Worship?

What if God isn’t satisfied with your worship, even if you are? He wasn’t with Cain’s…Men like Horatius Bonar, Andrew Murray, AW Tozer, T Austin-Sparks, Matt Costella and others, speak from the Bible and from experience. Your worship too can be wonderfully transformed!

Pitfalls In Prayer

What to be on your guard against when you pray.


What could leaven (or yeast) be a symbol of? Find out its fascinating story in Old and New Testaments, especially in conjunction with the Matthew 13 parables!

Christian Elders Today

Can We Still Follow the NT?

Leadership in the Lord’s congregations has long been a thorny and a divisive issue. What we need is not human opinion, expertise, organization and tradition, but a readiness to bow before the Word of the Lord, and listen carefully!

The Woman’s Ministry

What does the Bible disclose about the place and ministry assigned to the women-in-Christ? As Alex Hay looks for God’s pattern and purpose, he doesn’t stay on the surface. As you study with him, long standing doubts will dissolve, not by two or three “proof texts”, but as light comes from all of God’s Word.

The BIG Difference

What girls should know about boys and vice versa!


Frequent Questions, Frank Answers


Option for Christians?

Under Loving Command

What should Christian parents do to discipline their children? Does the Bible give clear cut instructions? ‘Al and Pat’ tell us how God guided them, how much it cost them, and how their four children responded.

Divorce & Remarriage

What really does (and doesn’t) the Bible say about this hot topic?