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For ages we have had two fabulous short works of Watchman Nee on the Workers’ Menu; now, at last, you can download his most famous book here. In his typical, inimitable way of opening up what the Bible really says, Nee’s exposition of the epistle to the Romans will bring things to life for you in a totally new way.
From a Bedouin boy to Gideon, to Michael Jackson, to the POR ideal, to the Galatians, to Galileo, and on to you & me.

Walking with the Wise

A collection of thousands of quotes – spoken or written by men and women through 24 centuries. most of them Christians – is here offered under 750 distinct headings or subjects, in a 440-page-pdf.As a sample, take some of the M-titles: Marriage, Martyrdom, Mercy, Merit, Ministry, Miracles, Misjudgment, Mission, Money, Music. There are many more M-subjects, and as you will see, hosts of others, from Abiding to Zion! This ‘store’ of food-for-thought (and food-for-growth) is vast. Among the many hundreds of contributors, there are two you’ll run into quite a lot: Charles H Spurgeon and Ray Comfort. When an author is unknown, his saying is acknowledged as: Anonymous.

As a bonus, another pdf – very much shorter – goes with this one to assist you in your search. It is called Walking2. It simply lists all 750 subjects with most of their contributors’ names, no quotes. If you pick your subject there, you will know where you’re going in this one without having to scroll up and down for ages.
Looking for inspiration? Select any subject(s) on this list (with or without authors) – make a note if you like; then find the full quotes as they appear in the above pdf, Walking with the Wise – a treasure trove that will not let you down!Though some quotes are longish, the vast majority are brief. Enjoy your walk’, keep on scrolling, and get wisdom!

To Start a New Life

Adolph Eichmann, the proud exterminator of God’s own people, the Jews,desperately wanted to start a new life… His past caught up with him instead. It always happens that way – unless we start living the LIFE God has for us!

The Bridge that Disappears

How to escape from the slippery slopes of the Way of Cain with all its feel-good-religiosity? How to turn from the Way of Balaam and its get-rich-frenzy? A bridge is provided! It leads to The Way of Life. But… any moment now that bridge will vanish!! Then what?

The Bethlehem Times

In seven short broadcasts, the events of 2,000 years ago were retold. Later the broadcasts were transcribed as a thrilling story in seven installments. It’s the story that continues to captivate millions. You thought you knew the story, yet you will discover twists and aspects that are new to you.
Don’t keep it to yourself. Pass on the link to all your friends!

The Dove Has Landed!

While the Holy Spirit does figure in many modern books and sermons, extremely important details about his Person, Ministry, Gifts and Fruit may still be passed over. This article helps to put them in focus.

Healing – to Claim or not to Claim!

Are you ready for a breath of fresh air in the confusing world of today’s ‘healers’? This may well be it!

The Old Accuser Frustrated

Job, Peter, Paul, every single disciple, all of us, are “sifted” by the old accuser. Yet, out as he is to frustrate God’s plans by bringing down those who now belong to Christ, he himself is the one frustrated – every time!

He Brought Us Out, To Bring Us In

You’re out of Egypt. But have you crossed the Jordan?

What Is Your Faith?

A question of religion? Emotionally charged? Intellectually reasoned? Or simply a living relationship?

Do You Have What It Takes?

To build a tower and complete it; to go to war and win?

“He Is No Fool…”

And Jim Elliot certainly wasn’t.