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“De Wedloop” (April, 2017)

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“PRESSING ON!” Jan-Apr 2015 Issue

In this Issue

  • Almighty God Is Busy Still Redeeming!
  • What Could Have Happened to 2 Thess. 2:3?
  • The City of the Cursed
  • Anamaría Grúninger LOOK UP!
  • I Can Shoot Him Af t e rwa rds . . .

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He is no fool


over fifty years ago, on October 28, 1949: Jim Elliot, one young American Christian, challenged by the needs of many mission fields, writes in his journal the most famous of his sayings:


Just over six years later, as one of a team of missionaries to Ecuador’s Auca Indians, on Sunday, January 8, 1956, Jim lays down his life for his Lord and Savior, when, on a small stretch of river beach in the Amazon jungle, Auca spears and arrows end his earthly life and that of his four companions. The whole story can be read in the breathtaking accounts penned by his widow, Elizabeth Elliot, in “Through Gates of Splendour” and “Shadow of the Almighty”.

Jim had discovered the law of sowing and reaping...

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Do you have what it takes?


widetowerIf  not, the Bible has news for you!

Nowadays a lot is being said and written about “discipleship”. That is because our Lord himself had such a lot to say on the subject. While much of what is circulating is good, we don’t usually get our Lord’s real perspective, that is, we’re usually just having a great time in the shallows, ignoring the Master’s call to launch out into the deep. Consequently, our “nets” remain empty. In other words, our towers are not built and our wars are not won.

Of course, I am making reference to that controversial passage of Luke 14:25-34, beginning with these words of Jesus to the large crowds following him:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters – yes, his own life also &...

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What is your faith?




A Living Relationship?

You would have thought that two centuries of devastating attacks on RELIGION by men-of-REASON, would have done it in by now, but no! ‘Religion’ is alive and kicking, all over the world. Even in those countries where the forces of ‘reason’, ‘secularism’, ‘evolutionism’, etc., made the greatest impact, emptying pews and pulpits alike, there is quite a surge of all kinds of religious movements, whether they consist of sectarians, occultists, New Age or even satanists. It certainly teaches us that MAN is a ‘religious animal’ by nature. Some are ready to commit suicide in the name of religion...

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