Bible Insights

Psalm 110 – The Extraordinary Messianic Psalm

The psalm is short, but its scope is eternal. Quoted 14 times in the NT, we may expect its message to be of prime importance, and it obviously is, as the psalm touches on Messiah’s ministries of “Prophet”, “Priest” and “King” – mostly future -. Be sure to notice the brook by the wayside”!

City of the Cursed

Discover the city that was cursed and how God’s GRACE was (and is) the only way to overcome the CURSE.

John’s Gospel Divided

Don’t ever get tired of John’s Gospel! It stands out in many ways. Now it’s time to have a good look at its amazing Tabernacle divisions, plus the stunning crescendo it ends with


When the LOGOS – the WORD of GOD – came into the world, as described in John 1, there were the three very different reactions:
1. HE was not known or recognized;
2. HE was known, but not received; and
3. HE was received by a handful of people!
Now YOUR reaction – which shall it be?

The WORLD in 1 John 4

As our Lord spoke much about the “world”, so does his disciple.
John shows us realities of the world in the past, and in the future,
all so we may understand the world we live in at present.
At the same time the reality of PROPITIATION shines through as well!

Raised with Christ

Colossians will start to live for you, as you discover God’s matchless purposes for your heart!