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Abortion – Option for Christians


Sue Bohlin

Abortion is one of the most divisive and controversial issues of our day. People generally have strong views about abortion. It is not a social issue of mere preference, but an issue about life and death.

Abortion draws out the clashes between two divergent world views. The humanistic worldview says, “Man is the highest standard there is. You don’t answer to anyone, so do whatever you want.” The Christian worldview says, “We answer to God, and He has commanded us not to murder. We must always submit our desires and preferences to the authority of His word.”

Why is abortion such a volatile issue?

I believe that the real reason that we see such emotional, tenacious commitment to the availability of abortion goes even deeper than the issue of abor...

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from Dr. Norman L. Geisler

          Abortion is the number-one killer in the United States. Five thousand die each year from cigarettes, and twenty-five thousand from drunk drivers, but in just the first ten years of legalizing abortion, the country lost fourteen million lives. All the wars in the entire history of our country have killed a total of just under 1.5 million. Yet in a single year we kill that many babies by abortion.

  • How do we know when human life begins?
  • Doesn’t the mother have the right to control her own body?
  • The unborn baby is not really human until it is born, right?
  • Unborn babies are not conscious beings, are they?
  • Doesn’t every child have a right to a meaningful life?
  • Isn’t it better to have an aborted child t...
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The BIG Difference

THE BIG DIFFERENCE (What girls should know about boys and vice versa!)

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(What girls should know about ...

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Poignant Pictures from the Matthew 13 Art Gallery

Commented on by Jim van Heiningen.


Part 1

Parables are Bible pictures that always fascinate. Each one is, as it were, 3-dimensional. The spiritual dimension opens up for those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” – vistas of incredible depth. Never more so than in Matthew 13.

Leaven – one of seven       
The shortest parable in this chapter is found in verse 33 – the woman who mixes leaven in as she is kneading her dough and getting it ready for the oven. It also occurs in Luke 13, but we shall look especially at Matthew 13, where it is the central one of seven parables – all “parables of the kingdom”. Though short, this particular one is of tremendous importance and we need to find clues to its meaning...

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Pitfalls in Prayer


Jim van Heiningen

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                 In “P.I.P” you will find practical information about prayer, plus all the “user-friendly” orientation needed to get started and image004keep going. Even when not every pitfall is at once avoided, there should be enough challenge and encouragement to see a wonderful development in your life of prayer. It is “The True Vine” himself who bears that fruit (John 15).

We suggest that the 15 separate articles contained in P.I.P., apart from personal reading and study, could be very profitably used as a guide in systematic group studies or meditations, e.g. with groups of new Christians, at home with the family, in a neighborhood group, or in some other context...

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