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When GOD turns the down into an UP

When  God  Turns
the  Down  Into  an  UP!

Jim van Heiningen

Compare the Micro Story with the Macro One.

            Lin Huo-ping (1880-1950) was the mother of Watchman Nee (1903-72), famed Chinese church-planter and Bible expositor. She and her husband had nine children – Watchman Nee was the oldest of the boys. When he was 16, his mother surrendered her life to Christ.

Lin Huo-ping’s life was an extremely busy one. While raising nine children, she found time to be very active in politics, often as a public speaker – even meeting the founder of the republic, Sun Yat-sen. Things hadn’t always been like that for her. As a young girl her parents sold her as a slave to another couple in the coastal city of Foochow, because they could no longer afford to feed her...

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One Century On


Jim van Heiningen

It was in 1904-05 that the country of Wales was ‘visited’ by

The Dayspring From On High.

Now that a hundred years went by, are there things we can still learn from that Great Revival?

Much has been written on the subject of “revival”. Untold “revivals” have been conducted by “revivalists”. Often man’s work was revived, not necessarily God’s work. Too frequently the revivalist has taken “center stage,” plus all the honor and glory coming with it. We may conveniently call such revivals “pseudo-revivals”, in the same sense as the New Testament speaks of pseudo-witnesses, pseudo-prophets, pseudo-teachers, etc.

But if there are pseudo-revivals, it follows there must be genuine revivals, of which those are at best an imitation.
Genuine revivals have...

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