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The Glory and… the Gloom


The Birth of “Anabaptism”, Men to Emulate, Darts that Destroy,
a Distressing Detour, the Dutch Demise, yet… Christ is Conqueror

                                                                                                                                                                  Jaime van Heiningen

      It was through Martin Luther in 1517 that the Reformation was ignited in Europe – it only took a ‘spark’. Luther’s ‘95 theses’, image007exposing the church’s shameless commercialization of “indulgences”, and his daring act of nailing them to the Church door of the Wittenberg Castle in Saxony, provided that sp...

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Good Old Ignatius


Jim van Heiningen

On his way to be thrown to the lions in Rome and… full of joy!
Yet… all was not well.

         Summoned to Rome

All the way from Antioch in Syria, over land and by sea, Ignatius, the ‘bishop’ of the church in Antioch, traveled on, facing certain death in the imperial capital. Summoned there by Emperor Trajan, he counted it an indescribable honor to go and lay down his life for his dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Seven epistles

As he passed by the churches of Asia Minor, he remembered the Apostle John, who had lived and labored there, and whose disciple he himself had been. John hadn’t been dead all that long, only about 15 or 20 years...

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In Those Early Days


Jim van Heiningen



1) All believers realized they belonged to one universal (catholic) church, yet there were no “Catholics”.

) There was every effort to keep heresy at bay and, on the whole, the church was truly orthodox, yet there was no “Orthodox Church”.

) Their lives, marvelously transformed, were truly reformed, but there was no “Reformed Church”.

) The congregations had their presbyters (elders), but there were no “Presbyterians”.

) Their elders were also called “episkopois” (bishops or overseers – Acts 20:28; Phil. 1:1), but there were no “Episcopalians”.

) They might ‘quake’ at the living Word of God, but there were no “Quakers”.

) Believers were baptized (not their babies), yet there w...

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Lost Irretrievably


Jim van Heiningen

The New Testament teaches that when the believer willfully sins against God, he loses both his fellowship with God and his testimony in the world. But the New Testament also teaches that both can be wonderfully restored, when there is true humiliation and repentance. Yet isn’t there something every believer is in imminent danger of losing for ever – something he will never retrieve?

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Some things are lost and can never be retrieved. When years ago I had gradually, but completely, lost my sense of smell, I realized it would never come back. I may feel sorry about it, but I’ll just have to manage without…

When a young person just can’t wait to experience all the joys of ‘sex’, ‘virginity’ may be a thing of the past before ...

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When a “New Cart” Hits the Road to Nowhere


Jim van Heiningen

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David’s “can-do” attitude brought death. But then he remembered the Old Book…

Background of national crisis

The Philistines inflicted a crushing defeat on the Israelite army. Three of the king’s sons were slain. To avoid a similar fate, the king chose to commit suicide. His head was then cut off and hung in a pagan temple. Entire cities changed hands as the Philistines moved in. Consequently an immense refugee crisis developed (1 Chr. 10).

The tribe of Judah, understanding that now was the time to make David king, crowned him in Hebron. The trouble was that the other tribes didn’t want to follow suit...

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